This project ended in 2023. We preserve his site due to the interest of its contents. Contact: Participants


Prevention, response and rehabilitation

The RISKCOAST project focuses its work on the development of innovative tools, methodologies and solutions focused on the prevention and management of geological risks on the coast in a more effective way. The products obtained will support the 3 phases of emergency management: prevention, response and rehabilitation. RISKCOAST will establish a transnational cooperation network to deal commonly with the geological risks of the SUDOE coastal territory.

Improve the coordination and effectiveness of prevention instruments

Detection of risks on the coast and their associated impacts, through the use of effective cartographic tools that help in territorial planning.

Integrated study of coastal dynamics and the impact of extreme events.

Optimizing disaster management

Development of computer, cartographic and mathematical tools to help early warning and disaster management systems.

Transnational pilot experience: participatory simulation of an emergency with cascading risks applying the tools developed.

Rehabilitation of disaster areas

Promote a change of mentality in society towards more natural, durable and less costly rehabilitation and prevention measures.

Concrete actions will be projected for the areas most vulnerable to risk and adapted to each type of coast.

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