This project ended in 2023. We preserve his site due to the interest of its contents. Contact: Participants

The RISKCOAST team studies the collapsed slope of the A-7 at the height of Castell de Ferro

Last Thursday, March 11, 2021, hours before the failure, the RISKCOAST project team carried out a high-resolution topographic survey by scanning the slope with a laser, and took photographs with a drone. In this way, the researchers had recorded the "before" the collapse.

On Friday, March 12, 2021, hours after the collapse, a new drone flight was carried out in order to record the “after” of the major detachment.

The data collected will allow the elaboration of highly detailed 3D models, with which volumes can be cubed, the evolution of the detachment studied and valuable information obtained, both on the geometry and geology of the slope.

At the same time, satellite radar images are being processed to know when the movements began and to determine the engine that triggered the failure of the slope (rain, earthquake, breakage of a water pipe, etc.). The research team involved in the RISKCOAST project plans to carry out new topographic control works in the coming days to monitor the evolution of the slope.

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